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General rules on website
General rules of conduct on our site:

To begin with, the site communicate with hundreds of people of different faiths and persuasions, and all of them are full-fledged visitors to our site, so if we want a community of people to function and we need rules. We strongly recommend that you read these rules, it will take you just five minutes, but save us and you time and help make the site more interesting and organized.

To begin with, you need to behave respectfully to all visitors on our site. Do not insult to the participants, it is always too much. If you have a complaint - contact administrators or moderators (use private message).. Insult other members is considered one of the most serious violations and severely punished by the administrator. We strictly forbad racism, religious and political utterance. Thank you for your understanding and a desire to make our site more polite and friendly.

Our website is strictly prohibited:

- Messages not related to the content of the article or to the context of the discussion
- Insults and threats to other visitors
- In the comments are prohibited words that contain profanity, degrading, inciting inter-ethnic strife
- Spam, and advertising of any goods and services, other resources, media or events, do NOT relate to the context of the discussion of article

Let us respect each other and our website on which you and other readers come to talk and express their thoughts. The manager groups can remove comments, or part of the comments, if they do not meet these requirements.

If you violate the rules you may be given a warning. In some cases, may be given a ban without warning. Ban reason can be write by administrator.

Insult administrators or moderators also punishable ban - Respect other people's labor.

The only language that may be used is English!

RapidgatorDownload cannot be held responsible for the content of the any post if they made it past the anti-spam filters etc. that are installed.

RapidgatorDownload is not responsible for anything that happens when you’re downloading something from a link in one of the post.

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