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Just Dance 2016 PAL XBOX360-COMPLEX
[Image: c3d7637047f1fd5ec575967c5eb84601.jpg]

Release Notes
Just Dance 2016 PAL XBOX360-COMPLEX

Publisher....: Ubisoft
Developer....: Ubisoft
Retail Date..: Oct 20, 2015
Platform.....: XBOX 360
Region.......: PAL
Genre........: Music/Rhythm
Language.....: English
Size.........: 8.13 GiB

Just Dance brings the best hits like "Blame" by Calvin Harris Ft. John Newman and "Uptown Funk" by Marc Ronson Ft. Bruno Mars to dance and sing along to, with the usual golden treasures like "Let's Groove" by Equinox Stars that makes Just Dance a must-have to play with friends and family!

[Image: 115dbd932903e20d69e1ce3855f6d2fb.jpg]

[Image: 88ea80e94c00916fee0c921b0afd698c.jpg]

[Image: e7a1985e82acd9315ee0caa63c0ba279.jpg]

[Image: e63e6bafa08c2f59468110e0d00bdc03.jpg]


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