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CA ARCserve Backup r16.5
CA ARCserve Backup r16.5

[Image: 559ea010cd37a82bbca9aa889c448473.jpg]

CA ARCserve Backup r16.5 | 1.46 GB

Quote:With extensive management features that work together to help reduce the time you spend managing your backups, CA ARCserve Backup provides "enterprise-class" functionality that is optimized to support your IT architecture, including virtual and cloud-based technologies, no matter how simple or complex your data or your IT infrastructure is.
CA ARCserve Backup helps you quickly prepare for, respond to and recover from the disasters and disruptions that would otherwise threaten the integrity and reliability of your business operations.

Benefits to your business:
Data deduplication to reduce your backup storage by up to 95 percent.
Integrated cloud storage for backup retention, providing an additional disaster recovery location.
Infrastructure Visualization with Storage Resource Manager (SRM) reporting to proactively avoid problems.
Data protection for both physical and virtual servers in a single money-saving tool.

[Image: 03eb42bd11d78a6ace19c438b72cc431.png]

[Image: 6161881396a93aa1cbb754f334a6d74c.jpg]

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