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Hetman File Repair 1.1
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Hetman File Repair can fix files that are corrupted or incomplete, repairing files that come out damaged after a data recovery session. The tool can repair file headers and rebuild internal structures of many types of files. By fixing these errors, Hetman File Repair enables you to access those files, view and edit the images.

Comprehensive File Repair
Hetman File Repair does not simply patch the file's header and call it a day. Instead, the tool performs a comprehensive bit-level analysis of the entire content of the file, detecting and correcting all types of errors in the file system structures and content blocks.


Hetman File Repair is unique in its class, offering comprehensive analysis and complete rebuilding of information still available in a damaged file. Hetman Software tool is used by many professionals and home users around the globe

Repairing JPEG
Repairs corrupted *.JPEG, *.JPG, *.JPE, and *.JFIF files in lossless mode. The repair is performed at block level without re-encoding the file, thus the original JPEG quality is preserved. Both main and thumbnail images are rebuilt. EXIF information is preserved.

Repairing TIFF
Repairs damaged and corrupted files in the TIFF format including *.TIFF *.TIF, *.FAX, *.G3, and *.G4. Hetman File Repair supports Windows and Mac TIFF images, and can successfully repair uncompressed files and TIFF images compressed with LZW, JPEG, PackBit, CCITT 1D 2, Group 3 Fax 3 and Group 4 Fax algorithms.

Repairing PNG, BMP
Repairs raster images in *.PNG, *.BMP, *.DIB, and *.RLE formats. LZ77-compressed PNG files are supported. The tool can extract BMP images from resource files. Hetman File Repair repairs PNG images preserving the original visual quality and without re-compressing the files.

Pre-Recovery Preview and HEX Editor
Using Hetman File Repair is little different from using Windows Explorer. To fix a file, simply select it in the main window and click the "Repair" button. You can also preview any file before repairing it. If the file can be fixed, you'll see the correct preview. The preview is available in both full and evaluation versions of Hetman File Repair. In addition to the visual preview, Hetman File Repair offers a low-level HEX editor allowing you to review the content of corrupted files in binary mode. This feature is in high demand in data recovery labs.

Editions: Home / Office / Commercial

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